FASHION ROCKS: Love & Nudes share their new intimate line for Women of Colour!


Hey Curlfriends!

By now, you should have heard about the phenomenal new intimate line Love & Nudes by Chantal Carter. If not, let’s get you a up to speed.

Love & Nudes is a new intimate line that shines a light on creating colours for us, by us. When you look for intimate separates that represent Women of Colour, can you say that there are many that stand out? This of course left us to fend with the notion that the nude colours being fed to us through fashion, magazines and various media is a one colour fits all. And that friends, is incorrect.

In comes the amazing new line Love & Nudes. As a stylist, creator Chantal Carter was tired of seeing our beautiful range of shades being misrepresented and set out to create panties and bras with Women of Colour in mind. Her pieces come in shades where you can “own your tone” of Espresso Empress, Knockout Nutmeg, Butterscotch Beauty and Honey Love. See the colour scheme below:


Right now on Indiegogo, Love & Nudes presently has a campaign to raise $20,000 for production of their first run of “modern intimates that are designed to reflect women of the world.” Not only is this fantastic, but there are a few other elements of the line that will make you so proud to be a supporter of this venture.

Firstly, Chantal is all about supporting her fellow sistrens!  She does so by using a factory in Brazil that focuses on employing single mothers!

Secondly, a percentage of the contribution from the campaign will go to Caribbean Women’s Society — a non-profit organization with a mission to connect and enable Caribbean Women. We’re all for it!

We’re looking forward to watching this brand flourish and getting our hands on a few skivvies for ourselves! Let’s support this fantastic venture, support our own and look fabulous along the way. As Chantal says, “The brand, however, is not simply about underwear, but rather a means to create a global community designed to connect and share one another’s individuality.”

You can find Love & Nudes at their following social media pages:

Indiegogo Campaign


One thought on “FASHION ROCKS: Love & Nudes share their new intimate line for Women of Colour!

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for spreading the word about Love & Nudes! Women need to have options in apparel and products that look like them.


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