EVENT SPOTLIGHT: African Fashion Week Toronto Recap

Hey Curlfriends!


It’s your favourite dynamic duo here—Bee and amc. Okay, we’re a tad overdue with this update, however, we had to come through and give you guys the skinny on how African Fashion Week Toronto turned up and turned out! It was an evening of opulence, vibrancy, seeing old friends and making new ones. The ladies were decked out from toe tip to head top, and the men surely gave the ladies a run for their money.

We attended the High Runway Fashion Showcases, which was a full day of shows from some of your favourite African designers.


Do you see the list? Needless to say, we saw a lot of beautiful pieces with intricate angles, in electrifying colours and we were simply in awe—of the fact that we couldn’t make up our minds as to which designer was our favourite, what pieces we would dare to wear and which one’s we wanted to literally run out of the the venue with.

With that being said, we could go on relentlessly about the soiree and our personal favs, but we decided to break it down in a way where you can get both of our inputs on key elements of the show. Ready? Here we go…

Favorite Designer: Kyle Gervacy

amc – Apart from the obvious bias of St Lucian love here (shouts to the Lucian massive!), Kyle’s designs were dazzling and show-stopping. The asymmetrical lines were risqué, flouncy, and deserved every bit of the coos from the attendees that night. How I would love to own a Gervacy design—that’s the plan! Particularly the dress in the last image below. Formidable!

Bee – I’m 6ft tall, so I definitely appreciate a designer who lets the legs shine the way he does! His pieces were sexy, flirty, and unlike any other designs I’ve seen, and the quality was top-notch. As much as I adored his women’s fashions, I was feeling his menswear too. Here are some of our fave Gervacy looks:


img_20160820_173102 img_20160820_173121 img_20160820_173216


Best Line: Kaela-Kay Collections by Catherine Addai

amc – I came upon Kaela-Kay Collections during an event I attended a couple of years ago and fell in love with the fit and flair of her designs. Her vibrant prints are complimentary on all shapes and sizes, and Catherine has a knack for mixing and matching fabrics to create dynamic pieces. I mean, look at her dress below—gorgeous!

Bee – My favourite line was Kaela-Kay Collections by Catherine Addai. I’ve watched this line grow over the past few years, and the creativity and construction in her pieces are unmatched. Beautiful blends of print, colour, and shape that suit every woman I’ve seen in her pieces. And she’s had some amazing women wear her work! Demetria Lucas D’Oyeley, Teyonna Parris, Terry McMillan, and more!

Photos courtesy of Kaela-Kay Collections Facebook and African Fashion Week Toronto Facebook

kkcatherine kkbantoubecca


Here are a few notable mentions from the soiree: 

Miss Beida went regal on us! We couldn’t deal with it.



The winner of the student competition was the beautiful designs of Ofuure!


And by the end of the night—We. Were. Toast.


For more video and images, we’ve created our first Twitter Moments—take a look!

It was a night of extravagance, showmanship and creativity. The creative output of the designers was exceptional and every stitch and design reflected the many hours of frustration, delight and originality. This was our first foray into African Fashion Week Toronto and it was a well-oiled machine. Apart from the show’s tardiness, everything was on point and we enjoyed every minute. We really hope to bring you our insight on the event next year, and to attend a few more events that AFWT presents. So take it from us when we say that we definitely recommend attending African Fashion Week next year. We firmly believe that the event will continue to provide the best in African design and give up and coming designers a fantastic platform to showcase their art.

Until next time!


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