EVENT SPOTLIGHT: At The Sprung Toronto Pop Up Shop



On August 6th, we attended the Sprung Toronto Pop Up Shop at SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto. This event is the brainchild of fashion and all-things-dope connoisseur – Nathaniel Anderson.

“Sprung originally began because I have cool friends who do cool things, and I wanted to bring them all together to showcase their talents,” stated Nathaniel. We would have to say it was an excellent idea, because all of the goodies that we found, and people we connected with, were beyond fantastic.  Sprung is known as the “social networking platform for creative, design, groundbreaking and fashionable influencers.” From skin care and jewelry lines to clothing and leather goods – there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. And what would a snazzy event like this be without a libation? At the far back of the room, you couldn’t help but find yourself at the whisky testing table for Knob Creek. There was so much to see, and potential for creating a serious dent in your wallet – all the while heading home with a brag-worthy bounty of goods.

If you missed this one, don’t fret. The next Sprung Toronto Pop Up Shop is scheduled for November. According to Nathaniel, he is hoping to make it an even bigger showcase with even more talented creatives doing their thing. So you have plenty of time to start putting away some nickel and dimes. Want to get a taste of what you can expect at the next pop up? Take a look at our pictures below.

Shout out to the following creatives that we got to chat with. Stop by their sites and check them out:

Annalay Accessories – That African inspired neckpiece and that sick tray of cuffs you see below? All Annalay.
By Gabrielle – Her art pieces are colorful bursts of happy on canvas.
Caffery Van Horne – Zebra print purse with fringes and matching shoes? We’re in!
Jenny Greco Jewelry – The various materials used to create stunning bangles and necklaces caught our eye.
LIWI68 – You’re guaranteed to make a statement wearing apparel from this amazing line by Mark Stoddart.
Rei Armure – Gorgeous statement pieces – necklaces and bracelets – for both men and women.
Shea Essence – So natural, it’s edible! We fell in love with the Shea Body Conditioning cream and got a massage too!



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